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Celebrating 25 Years of In-Market Success

Celebrating 25 Years of In-Market Success

kodak1Like so many of LMCA’s strategic brand extension programs, Kodak’s move into progressive lenses and branded vision centers across Europe, Russia and India, has stood the test of time.

As one of the best-selling brands of progressive eyeglass lenses, and with almost 550 Kodak Vision Centre locations, the Kodak brand is seeing success in a whole new light.

Realizing a new vision for Kodak

Almost 25 years ago, Kodak brought in LMCA to help diversify their brand. LMCA then approached Signet Armorlite, a recent optical spin-off of 3M. Signet had developed leading technology for advanced seamless progressive eyeglass lenses. What they didn’t have was a recognizable consumer brand. With Kodak’s reputation for innovative technology and desire to diversify their brand into categories that reinforce the core brand equity, LMCA brought Kodak into the eyewear and eye care business.

Having recently been renewed for another 10+ year term, this brand extension initiative has been generating significant royalty revenue and expanded market reach for the Kodak brand since 1996.

Congratulations to the leadership team at Kodak and the brand extension licensing professionals at LMCA.

See the Kodak Case Study Here.

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