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Licensing in China – Challenges & Opportunities

By George Williams, Managing Director, LMCA Asia

As seen in Total Brand Licensing

To assess the rapid rise and acceptance of licensing as a thriving industry in China in recent years, one need look no further than the upcoming China Licensing Expo in Shanghai in October of 2016.  As recently as four short years ago, this same event was comprised of a mere 30 to 40 small booths with no participation by the likes of Disney, the major motion picture studios, or the major toy companies.  With LIMA leading the charge, this year’s offering will, again, rival the annual Licensing Show in Las Vegas with more than 6,000 booths covering more than 150,000 square meters at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.  Stepped up enforcement of trademark laws along with the China’s surging brand awareness have combined with the speed and convenience of the internet and e-commerce shopping to make an investment in brands and character properties for China a wise investment indeed.

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