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LMCA Marks 31 Years in Brand Licensing


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LMCA celebrates its 31st anniversary this week, marking over 3 decades of extending brands into new categories through strategic brand licensing.

Established in 1986, LMCA has been a leader in the field of brand extension licensing for over 30 years. Founder and CEO Allan Feldman started the company after years working in corporate development, finding ways to help companies grow by pursuing new products, extending into new markets, creating strategic alliances and finding new and profitable business opportunities.  With the founding of LMCA, Feldman was able to utilize his business background to form an agency that helped brands engineer and oversee long-term licensing relationships that generated new revenue streams and increased brand value.


“Our orientation has always been to create long-term programs that are strategically meaningful and have a significant impact on our clients’ bottom line,” says Feldman. “The strategy for success has been thinking intelligently about a brand’s equity and then developing extensive ideas for the brand that help to build on that equity and that provide solid strategic value to our clients.  That’s the starting point; and then we identify and secure dedicated licensee partners that can take our concepts and achieve long-term success in the marketplace.”


When LMCA first started, overall corporate brand-related licensing activity in North America accounted for barely $1 billion.  Today’s published numbers indicate overall activity is approaching $100 billion.  Over that time, LMCA has signed more than 400+ licenses, creating thousands of products and services that have elevated brands and reached new audiences.  These licensing partnerships generate over $6.5 billion per year in sales in the US and around the world. 


Commenting on the growth of licensing and LMCA’s role in its evolution, Allan Feldman says, “We have and continue to work with many exciting and forward-thinking companies in a wide range of industries across the world.  We take real satisfaction in the fact that partnerships we put together twenty and twenty-five years ago are still going strong. It’s a great indicator of the power and usefulness brand extension licensing can have for a company.”

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Looking toward the future of licensing, LMCA sees increased emphasis on global expansion.  “We are aggressively growing our global overseas business,” says Feldman.  In 2005, LMCA opened its Asia Headquarters in Shanghai, China and the company continues to further expand its overseas affiliates in Europe, India and South America. 


“We are in exciting times in the brand extension licensing business.  For years we have seen the industry evolve and grow in ways I couldn’t have predicted during our early years as a company.  As we look forward, I am enthusiastic about the challenges and opportunities for licensing as the industry continues to advance and I hope we at LMCA continue to deliver on finding new ways to help companies enhance their market position and pursue new avenues of growth.”


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