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ProdigyWorks: The 2019 Toy Fair and the Evolving Toy Ecosystem

The 2019 Toy Fair kicks off next week in New York, where over 7,000 toys will make their world debut. This exciting event sets the stage for the latest trends in play and showcases the newest developments in the toy industry. The Toy Association engaged ProdigyWorks to tap into a diverse mix of Prodigies from around the world to uncover rich consumer insights and identify hundreds of innovative new concepts that can shape toy marketplace of the future for both manufacturers and retailers. Through ProdigyWorks’ unique approach to innovation – using outside thinking and collaboration – the team explored technological, social, and retail trends and framed a new ‘toy diaspora’ around new occasions and settings for play, new customers for toys, new retail models, and new opportunities for partners to collaborate in this evolving toy ecosystem.

Read more on the The Toy Association’s report, “Toy Manufacturing and Retail Solutions – the Future” here:





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