Brand Extension
Case Study
ADA Sinks Its Teeth Into Licensing

The American Dental Association was experiencing membership growth issues and wanted new ways to gain respect among dentists and their patients. The ADA’s “seal of approval” for products such as toothpaste, floss and mouthwash, while effective, was limited in terms of product applicability.



Superior Strategy

New ADA-approved products could be identified beyond the standard therapeutic offering. Products including foods, beverages, confectionery, and other items designed to bolster oral health.


Smart Ideas

LMCA developed a new logo and symbol that would relate to the venerable ADA certification while representing this new type of product. The “Smile Healthy” logo certifies products that meet the ADA’s standards for promoting dental development and health.

One of the first products identified for the Smile Healthy ADA program was bottled water. As children drastically increased their consumption of non-fluoridated bottled water instead of fluoridated tap water, dentists observed an increase in cavities.



Unparalleled Results

Smile Healthy fluoridated bottled water launched nationally in 2008.

The royalty income gained through the Smile Healthy program is used to educate consumers on dental health, support oral health research and provide dental care for needy children.

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