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The Direct To Consumer Market & Licensing – Trend Report

By: Ray Uhlir, Managing Director, LMCA

Amazon has really paved the way for online shopping covering virtually all segments and categories; however, the online Direct to Consumer (DTC) market is rapidly evolving resulting in specialized and very focused segments. Brands like Tommy John for underwear, Casper for mattresses, Billie for razors, Zappos for shoes, Wayfair for furniture and housewares and many others are popping up in a massive emerging market in very distinct segments.


This creates a great opportunity for known and trusted brands with unique brand equity in select product areas to participate in the growing DTC trend via license. Wouldn’t it be great to have branded DTC online stores to get things like paper goods, beverages, plants, or others?


The benefits would be convenience, easier or automatically timed fulfillment to meet usage needs, and of course better pricing in many cases. Likewise, it also creates a great opportunity for established DTC brands to further extend their brands into complementary areas under license to be fulfilled via their existing DTC online channel or via alternative retail channels. The result will be an even greater range of DTC offerings as well as availability of DTC brands on more products in more places. It’s a win/win for everyone that leverages the power of brands.  

Ray Uhlir, Managing Director

Ray has worked as a licensing executive at IBM, Motorola, and Gibson Guitar where he created and directed major internal licensing programs.  He also served as a Senior Vice President at Equity Management Inc., working with a wide range of brands including GE, Maytag, Goodyear, Nissan and Lockheed Martin.  He is the Founder of BRANDDelivery, Inc. supporting licensing efforts for clients such as HP, Oreck, Vivitar and others.

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