Brand Extension
Growing with a Licensed Brand

Licensing is a strategic way to grow your business faster by partnering with a reputable brand that is already established in the hearts and minds of consumers.  

Benefits of Licensing
– Gain instant recognition & marketing power
– Enhance authenticity & credibility with distribution partners and consumers
– Reduce in-house marketing costs
– Speed company growth & revenue
– Benefit from being a part of a larger licensor/licensee community

Here’s how it works
1. Add a Licensed Brand Partner: As a licensee you license a brand that fits the goals of your core business to make or source products in specific categories

2. Leverage Established Expertise: Brands come with a huge variety of benefits from logos to branding to customer recognition. Brand licensing supercharges the power of existing sales, marketing and distribution to help your company generate more business
3. Pay a Royalty: In return for rights to he brand name and logo, licensees pay licensors a small royalty that’s based on net sales.  The amount varies based on the industry, the brand strength and channels where it’s sold
To-Market Process

In collaboration with the licensed brand partner and LMCA, licensees produce a to-market execution strategy:

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LMCA has been helping companies grow through strategic brand licensing for over 33 years.  Learn more about how licensing a brand can add significant value to your business and bottom line today.  Contact us at to learn more.


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