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Licensing Tales: Captivating Stories from Industry Legends

LMCA is honored to be included in Licensing International’s Hall of Fame member, Greg Battersby’s, book, Licensing Tales. A unique, light-hearted collection of the more interesting and humorous stories from the licensing industry over the last 40 years, Licensing Tales includes interviews with some industry old-timers and pioneers as well as “horror stories” from current players and colleagues.

The book details individual’s experiences pitching unique licensed products; rocky royalty disputes; “interesting” licensing litigations; deals with licensing agents and international licenses. With chapters like “Who Would Have Thought?”, “The Ones That Almost Got Away”, and “The Licensing Hall of Shame” the book’s tales provide not only humor but insight into how to conduct a successful (or not so successful) licensing program.

Included in the book is LMCA’s Director of Brand Licensing Adam Berg’s story on the unusual ways friendships form in the licensing industry. Also, Founder and CEO of LMCA, Allan Feldman details the brainstorming session during an LMCA team bowling night in the middle of a snowstorm that led to the creation of LMCA’s High-IQ network of creative geniuses and licensing brainstorming resource, ProdigyWorks. 

Deriving from a partnership with LMCA client, Mensa, the High-IQ society, ProdigyWorks has grown into one of the most sought-after innovation resources for the licensing industry and well beyond. Today, in addition to thousands and thousands of Mensa geniuses from all over the globe, this diverse brain trust includes thousands of super creative thinkers, including artists, musicians, writers, poets, choreographers, comedians, Hollywood actors and more.

ProdigyWorks has brought diverse and rapid high-IQ outside thinking to dozens of the world’s leading companies and best-loved brands.  Successes range from iconic white-space innovation for brands like HP, Arm & Hammer, Snuggle and Kraft Foods, to product innovation for companies like Bazooka Candies, Simmons Bedding, OREO cookies, and Heineken Beer, to process innovation for companies as diverse as Pfizer and Chick-fil-A, and futuring for companies such as Georgia Pacific, the Toy Association and Chase financial.

To read more captivating stories in Licensing Tales, get a copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or BAM in both print and Kindle versions. For more information on Licensing Tales, visit the publisher’s website at


To learn more about ProdigyWorks and how we can help with your innovation efforts, visit





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