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LMCA Client Products On Display at CES

There is nothing quite like walking up to a shelf and touching a product up close – really getting to see its quality, design and functionality.  One of the great benefits of the licensing industry is after finding the right partners and executing an effective licensing deal, you actually get to see the tangible result of that collaboration. 


This January at CES the LMCA team was able to check out a variety of licensed products that will be on store shelves this year from our brand clients.  From doorbells to audio equipment to fans to small appliances, our team is thrilled to play a part in these licensing partnerships.  As technology continues to evolve and we are seeing new ways technology is connecting and interacting with our daily lives, it is exciting to see the growing role that brand licensing will continue to play in the consumer electronics space.


From smart home to security to health tech to the internet of things, CES brings new technologies to the forefront that will not only shape the future of the industry but will also offer significant licensing opportunities for the world’s most recognized consumer electronics brands. The field continues to see big opportunity for growth – especially when a consumer electronics brand power can help drive an innovative product’s success.

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