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Part 2 – Brand Licensing in Asia: A Conversation with Andy Wang, Director, Brand Licensing, at LMCA Asia

Andy Wang, Director of Licensing at LMCA Asia, sat down to talk with us about his experience in licensing, the nuances of licensing in China, and the expertise and approach required to successfully extend a brand into Asia.  Part 2 of our conversation is below. To read Part 1 of the conversation, click here.

Andy, what are some of the benefits that brands can realize by having a licensing presence in Asia?

1. Brands can quickly enter into the most important emerging market, especially China. The consumption/spending power of the Chinese market is very strong. China has a greater and greater middle class population. Therefore, the Chinese market for the development of many brands has strategic significance.

2. Licensing in Asia can be the easiest way to grow in the region with minimal risk and cost for any foreign brands, as local partners/licensees more deeply understand the local market and culture

3. There is an opportunity to quickly expand a brand’s reach, customer base, product line and brand bottom line through licensing


What is one of the most exciting licensing deals you have engineered? What were some of the challenges executing it? Why were you pleased with the partnership?

It’s been very exciting for me to build more and more successful licensing programs.  One of the deals I’m most proud of is the digital door lock program I engineered for one of our major clients.  Some challenges in licensing involve licensees having to quickly understand the guidelines of different brand management. This licensee respects the guidelines and training from the brand licensor, and their team’s capabilities grew very fast.  Then, combining their own strengths, the development of the program has been very quick and successful.  Now it has become one of leading brands in China’s digital lock market. It’s a showcase to the true union of strength between a licensor and licensee.


What are you most anticipating/interested in with the future of licensing in Asia?


Licensing in Asia has a very bright future, and there is a huge market/room for growth in licensed product sales, not only for global brands, but also local brands in China. More and more local brands have developed licensing programs. And, I believe that lots of local brands also are in great need of the licensing business model/tool.

I am interested in helping more brands develop successful businesses and grow their brand value in the Asian market through licensing. We have lots of successful experiences in licensing development. LMCA has more than 32 years in the licensing industry, and the LMCA Asia headquarters in Shanghai has been in operation for more than 12 years.  We understand the local market.  We have already established extensive contacts with local companies, organizations, prospects that are not only licensees but also suppliers.  So, we have the ability, resources and the confidence to help our clients and local companies achieve business success and strategic growth with licensing.

Andy has over 14 years of business development experience in China across a wide range of industrial and consumer products. His specialties include sales and business development, licensee support and partnership management. Andy holds an MBA from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.
To learn more about licensing in Asia visit To read Part 1 of the Conversation on Licensing, click here.


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