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Staying Connected, Apart

By: Colleen Baird, Creative Director, LMCA

While it’s hard to predict what the future holds for our everyday lives in a post-COVID-19 world, one thing is certain; there are bound to be significant real-time transformations across industries that will come out of this collective confinement. One of the most significant ways life is changing for us, both personally and professionally, is the growth of our day-to-day virtual interactions.


Companies are utilizing programs like Zoom, Skype, and Slack like never before to keep connected with colleagues and host business meetings. For one, virtual face-to-face meetings are more personal than phone calls. Unlike a phone call, a video conference call forces both parties to pay closer attention and be more responsive. Seeing a friendly face can offer a trust and camaraderie that can’t be conveyed over the phone or via email. 



The sooner someone can see your face and evaluate if they like and trust you, the quicker you will be able to build on that relationship. While a work from home model will likely not be a permanent modification for most businesses, virtual face-to-face interactions are bound to have their place in business meetings and sales pitches going forward.


Just as people need to be connected, brands need to be connected to their consumers as well. Brands across industries are using YouTube, Twitch, Zoom, Houseparty and Instagram Live to engage with their audiences in authentic ways.  



Clothing and beauty brands are setting up video calls with clients to virtually style them. Weight Watchers is holding virtual workshops between wellness coaches and members. Furniture and decor chain West Elm and paint brand Behr have each released digital backgrounds for people now using Zoom for video conferencing from home.  Chipotle is hosting virtual “Lunch Parties” with celebrities and give aways. 

Additional digital brand engagements we’ve seen:


These are short term ways brands are inserting themselves into the “new normal”. What other new innovations might be in store for brands in this new virtual model for doing business… time will tell.


Colleen Baird, Creative Director, LMCA

Colleen has over 11 years’ experience as a marketer, brand strategist and storyteller across industries. She holds a BA in the Psychology and Culture of Business from New York University.

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