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Westinghouse Generator Recommended by Consumer Reports

The Westinghouse generator iGen2000 was recently named a recommended inverter model by the July 2018 Consumer Reports.  Consumer Reports tested 9 inverter models for power delivery, including how well a model handles power surges; quality of power, including smoothness and consistency, noise, ease of use, and more.  

The iGen2000 is Gasoline-powered, rated for 1800 watts/2000 watts surge load, and has two USB style outputs. According to Consumer Reports the iGen2000 generator:

“Delivered more than enough wattage to power our test appliances and handled surges very well. Provided especially clean power with consistently high voltage. Fairly quiet from a distance of 23 feet. Easy to start and has some helpful features. Has fuel shutoff. Includes low-oil shutoff, which protects the engine from overheating if the oil level dips too low. Also displays a low oil light to tell you why it shut down.”



The iGen2000 generator is a perfect fit for the Westinghouse brand.  The July Consumer Reports rating and recommendation highlights the standards that the Westinghouse Brand maintains in being on the forefront of innovation, technology, and affordability.  To learn more about the Westinghouse iGen2000 and other Westinghouse generators, visit:

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