Brand Extension
Everything You Need To Drive Success
LMCA is a full-service brand licensing agency offering complete turnkey solutions with global coverage


Brand Licensing

LMCA works with brand owners to understand company goals and designs a custom-tailored program that supports and strengthens your brand’s overall growth strategy.  

We use a disciplined program management and license qualification process to ensure all licensed products maximize the marketing and financial benefits to your brand.  In addition to taking brands into new classifications of goods and services, we also help clients duplicate their core businesses in international markets, with little cost, risk or exposure to regulations of foreign ownership.


Brand Acquisition

Licensing a brand can add significant value to your business and bottom line.  Leading manufacturers come to LMCA to identify brands and build sustainable franchises without the upfront expense and barriers of launching a new brand. LMCA creates successful “licensing-in” deals capitalizing on the unique strengths of world-class brands that add value to your products or services – generating a win-win partnership.


Brand Innovation

Today’s business challenges require a different way of thinking. LMCA’s subsidiary, ProdigyWorks, taps into their exclusive global network of High-IQ geniuses, creative thinkers, and industry experts to tackle new product development, process innovation, naming, and brand extension ideation challenges for some of the world’s biggest companies and best-loved brands.